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associazione operatori turistici san vito lo capo

Chi Siamo

About Us

The Trathlon Team Trapani organizes the event in collaboration with the Miceli family of san vito lo capo to remember their family member who died prematurely in a car accident.

Leonardo Vona
Triathlon Team Trapani

known in the world as Leo, he stands out for his passion and attention to detail for the success of the event

Special rates are available for athletes during the event visit the website or call +39 0923972027
The Mediterranean Hotels of San Vito Lo Capo, owned by the Miceli family, are located in the center of San Vito lo Capo a few steps from the beach and the race circuit.

Our Supporters

our supporters

The success of the san vito lo capo triathlon event also depends on the collaboration of our supporters THANKS !!!

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